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Why is Hartley Thomas different?

Hartley Thomas is a UK independent professional service company joint ventured with one of India's leading accountancy practices. We focus on leveraging the benefits of low cost accounting professionals with the latest systems and technological expertise.

Our clients benefit not only from guaranteed and substantial cost savings but also the benefits of sensible automation. Our wide knowledge of different systems and our global support coverage mean that we can deploy and support well known accounting platforms at a fraction of the cost of alternative suppliers. We offer the same personal touch you would get from a local financial expert, but with the cost savings and efficiencies associated with off-shore delivery.

Your relationship is managed locally, UK law and data protection legislation applies in full, we operate full quality control methods, and most importantly of all there are no hidden catches, e.g. no business volume thresholds. 

We call this new approach Flexsourcing™

Who are we?

Hartley Thomas was founded by Jeremy Thomas ACA, an accountant with over 20 years experience, and Paul Collinge MBA an expert in outsourcing services. We have more than 10 fully qualified accountants and systems professionals and access to over 80 financial professionals with a track record of service delivery in both the UK and internationally. 

Our Promises

We make and keep our promises. We pride ourselves on our integrity, honesty and professionalism. We aim to keep our customers satisfied and this is why we offer the industry leading customer satisfaction programme backed with hard financial guarantees.
  • We measure your satisfaction with every engagement 
  • We adhere completely to the provisions of the 1998 Data Protection Act 
  • We sign non-disclosure agreements with every client - your privacy and your business is of paramount importance to us.
  • We use secure IT technology from one of Europe's leading providers 
  • We have full professional indemnity insurance cover in the UK and Internationally