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Our Principles

Our philosophy is to satisfy our customers by keeping our promises. We like to make things simple and transparent. We believe in strong ethics, and the integrity and professionalism of our people. We provide services that are tailored to meet your needs. Our goal is not to lock you into contracts but to earn your loyalty through excellent service and trust. 

We believe business is based on personal relationships. That's why we meet all our clients and put considerable effort into understanding your needs and your business. 

Working with Hartley Thomas

1. Your first assignment

Our aim is to make working with us very easy. As long as you are happy with our standard terms and conditions and have a well defined requirement, then it will be possible to start work within 48 hours of your initial contact. The following is our simple 6 step process to get started:
  1. You contact us in the way you prefer (quote form, email, or phone).

  2. We discuss your needs and issue a ballpark estimate.

  3. If you are interested, we arrange a face-to-face meeting to collect your detailed requirements and agree how we work together

  4. We agree concrete terms of business and we schedule your resources.

  5. You approve our proposal and work starts.

  6. On project completion you provide us with feedback on our performance
Hartley Thomas - Process Graphic

2. Repeat assignments

As an existing client you can now use the online management centre to simplify and streamline your interaction with us. You can upload assignment requests, schedule and book resources, review progress, and do your administration - all on-line. Or, if you prefer, simply contact us and we will handle everything on your behalf.

3. Outsourcing and complex projects

For major commitments we undertake a proven process. The graphic below outlines the key steps.

Hartley Thomas - Process Graphic
  1. Requirements setting: The process starts with a face-to-face meeting to discuss your needs in detail, assess any issues, and explore aspects of implementation. We jointly assess feasibility and agree a well defined scope of work.

  2. Solution design: We design your solution (service definition and measures, resource needs, delivery processes, implementation plan, and costings, etc.) and issue our proposal.

  3. Terms of business: Following your approval, we conclude terms and finalize the project plan and governance.

  4. Implementation: We start by setting up and familiarizing the project team. Implementation varies from project to project and may involve transition planning, staged implementation against milestones, pilots etc. We shall actively manage performance posting on-line progress and performance reports, completed or draft deliverables, and administrative information such as time sheets etc.

  5. Review and Improvement: We review progress together at agreed intervals and where necessary implement process improvements.