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Customers come first

We always put our customers first - whether it's the personal service, the value for money, our money back guarantee, or our focus on customer satisfaction.  We use proven methods and tools and always take time out to discuss with you any changes in your business or issues you may have to ensure that we are always meeting the highest standards of service delivery. 

Customer Benefits

By leveraging our unique combination of systems and accounting skills and our mix of Uk and offshore resources, we are able to offer services with significant advantages for our clients.
  1. Save money - we guarantee savings of 30% compared to UK rates. Perfect for reducing back office costs permanently.
  2. Greater control - service levels commit us to what, when, and how we deliver and the quality of our work
  3. Unbeatable flexibility - increase/decrease resources or cancel a contract with just one week's notice and no penalty. Ideal for managing peak workloads or fluctuations in activity.
  4. Lower risk - our money back guarantee underwrites our performance, and as you are buying a service you are not exposed to staffing issues such as illness, vacation, pension, and social costs administration.
  5. No volume commitments - unlike other companies, we do not lock you in. You buy what you want when you want it.
  6. Option to fix prices for two years - no exposure to inflation, currency movements etc.
  7. Fast turnaround time - you benefit from the time zone and longer working hours (6 days per week) by using offshore resources
  8. International support - with global experience in over 50 countries from Europe to South America we can lower your operating costs or help you to expand