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Our Services

Flexsourcing™ is Hartley Thomas' unique approach. Flexsourcing™ allows you to procure and manage our services under a standard contract framework using easy to use on-line tools, without having to make significant commitments. No need to forecast your resourcing needs, no need to worry if projects stop or start, you can stop/start or increase/decrease your commitment with just one week's notice and still always benefit form our unbeatable prices.


We tailor our services to suit the specific needs of our clients.  Examples of tailoring include service scope, performance requirements, procurement method, coverage hours, competence required etc. At the start of every assignment or task we ensure we have a clear statement of requirements and then review our performance on a regular basis to ensure the service we provide meets your needs.

Freedom to Procure

We offer services designed to meet they way you want to work.
  1. Resourcing: Ideal when you face a peak in workload or need a specific skill - simply determine what skill/experience you need, the nature of the work you want done, when you need it, then either call us, submit your requirement on-line, or look at our resource availability and book it on-line. If we do not appear to have a ready resource call us because we can always find additional qualified people at short notice. We can procure based on a number of days per month or a time and materials basis whichever approach favors your business.

  2. Tasks/Projects: If you need to complete a specific task with defined outputs by a certain date then we will be happy to provide you with a fixed price for the job. Based upon your specification and inputs, we manage the project and provide you with regular updates and progress reporting according to the agreed work plan. For project related work we advise that you either contact us via phone or submit your requirement using the form provided. We are happy to prepare fixed price proposals.

  3. Outsourcing: We take long term responsibility for a specific function or activity on your behalf, produce according to agreed response times, formats, and volume ranges etc., report regularly on progress and performance, and work with you to optimize the process for improved quality. Although once again, you can still stop/increase/decrease at short notice. For more information on how we set-up and deliver these services please look at how we work. Pricing can be based on recurring monthly fees or the quantity of work produced or a combination of the two approaches.